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Piazza Barberini on a map of Rome
Piazza Barberini on a map of

Piazza Barberini

Rome - Area: City center

 Piazza Barberini on a map of  


Visits 1873

Piazza Barberini - RomeA large piazza on Quirinal Hill, Piazza Barberini was built in the 16th century and derived its name from the Palazzo Barberini, a Baroque palace to the south of the piazza. The palace was constructed for the Barberini, a prominent family of Italian nobility. It is now home to the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica.

In the middle of the piazza stands the Triton Fountain, or the Fontana del Tritone, a creation of the prolific sculptor and architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. At the center of the fountain, the sea god Triton sits atop a clam held up by four dolphins. Water comes out of the conch that Triton holds to his lips.

The Fountain of the Bees, or the Fontana delle Api, is located at the foot of the Via Vittorio Venetto. It was built for Pope Urban VIII Barberini in 1644 and is also a creation of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The fountain features a marble clam and three bees, the latter being the symbol of the Barberini family. On the shell is the inscription, "Urban VIII Pont. Max., having built a fountain for the public ornamentation of the City, also built this little fountain to be of service to private citizens. In the year 1644, XXI of his pontificate. "

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Piazza: commons.wikimedia.org
Fountain: commons.wikimedia.org

Piazza Barberini
Piazza Barberini

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Piazza Barberini, 00187 Rome, Italy

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