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Sant'Agnese in Agone on a map of Rome
Sant'Agnese in Agone on a map of

Sant'Agnese in Agone

Rome - Area: City center, Navona Square

 Sant'Agnese in Agone on a map of  


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Sant'Agnese in Agone - RomeThe Sant'Agnese in Agone is a famous church in Rome that was rebuilt during the 17th Century. The church’s façade is facing the Piazza Navona, which is one of the main urban spaces within the historic center of Rome. This is also the site where Saint Agnes, the Early Christian Saint, was martyred. Right now, the Sant'Agnese in Agone and the Piazza Navona are among the most visited sites in Rome.

The Sant'Agnese in Agone Church is situated in the same place where the martyrdom of Saint Agnes took place, Stadium Domitiani. Today it is known as Piazza Navona.

This is the very reason why the church is named after the famous saint. The stadium was really huge and was made out of brick and limestone. The terraces that were built for the spectators could accommodate more than 10,000 people. The terraces were supported by huge arched vaults and the outer walls were covered in travertine.

There are several large scale sculptures that can also be found all over the church. Its main altar, which is said to have depicted the Miracle of Saint Agnes, was made by Alessandro Algardi, who unfortunately, died shortly afterwards. All of the other altars features astounding sculptures that are dedicated to martyrs and depicts the circumstances of their martyrdom. The stucco decorations on the semi domes that are all over the church feature angels done by famous artists. The skull of Saint Agnes can also be found inside the church.

How to Get There

As mentioned, the Sant'Agnese in Agone is right in front of the Piazza Navona. When you reach the Piazza Navona, you will immediately see the Sant'Agnese in Agone church.

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Sant'Agnese in Agone: commons.wikimedia.org

Sant'Agnese in Agone

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Navona Square, Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 30/A, 00186 Rome, Italy



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From 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00. Monday is closed.

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