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Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel on a map of Rome
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel on a map of

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

Rome - Area: Vatican City

 Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel on a map of  


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Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel - RomeThe Vatican Museums are the historical museums of Vatican, which are world famous and incredibly popular to explore. They are situated within the city boundaries and contain many different exhibits and collections. The immense collection that the Roman Catholic Church has built up over the years is magnificent, and there are some incredibly rare pieces on display.

Pope Julius II originally founded the museum in 1506 and begun the collection with his purchase of the amazing sculpture of Laocoon and his sons, battling a fierce sea creature. The museum rapidly grew, and there are now over 54 galleries and museums containing thousands of pieces of art. The collections are incredible, and offer a gigantic array of choice, ensuring that every visitor is delighted.

These museums house some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, and were originally built for the grand Renaissance popes. The later additions to the museum were added throughout the 18th century, but the priceless pieces of art have been in place since the beginning. Although the Sistine Chapel is the gem in the crown, you must also take the time to visit the Etruscan Museum and Raphael Rooms.

The Sistine Chapel remains one of the most popular areas in the Vatican museum, and you need to walk through the other museums to reach this breathtaking chapel. You will need to be patient as this area of the museum is always full of people, and it can be incredibly daunting. Careful planning can help you to remain calm, and enjoy the magnificent artistic quality displayed.

The ceiling was painted by Michelangelo and is truly stunning. As you gaze up at the ceiling, you will be amazed by the beauty of this room. There is no finer moment than stopping and taking your time to enjoy the beauty and complexity of the masterpiece. The nine panels that depict Biblical characters will take your breath away, and even if you are not religious, you will appreciate the devotion to this piece of art.

Although the Sistine Chapel is one of the key reasons why people visit the Vatican Museum, you will never tire of exploring everything that is on offer. The other areas are just as fascinating, and although they layout of the museum can be confusing; no trip to Rome is complete without visiting the Vatican Museum.

INFO: Roma Pass and Roma Pass 48 hours cannot be used to visit Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

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Viale Vaticano, 00165 Rome, Italy



Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 09.00 - 18.00. Ticket office is open between 09.00 - 16.00


Full price: 16 €, Reduced: 8 € , Last Sunday of every month free entrance.

Public transportation

Metro Line A - Station Ottaviano, buses

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