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How to get - Rome

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Fiumicino Airport - Rome | How to get | Rome
Rome - Area: Fiumicino  Fiumicino Airport - Rome on a map of Rome  Map
Visits 10977
Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) is Italy's largest airport. It's located in Fiumicino, about 35 km southwest from Rome. The airport is named after the famous Leonardo Da Vinci who was the first who designed a flying machine...
Roma Termini | How to get | Rome
Rome - Area: City center, Termini  Roma Termini on a map of Rome  Map
Visits 5647
Roma Termini Train Station is the largest train station in Italy and one of Europe's main stations. It was named after the district of the same name. Roma Termini is the main hub of public transport of Rome. Rome's metro...
Ciampino Airport - Rome | How to get | Rome
Rome - Area: Ciampino  Ciampino Airport - Rome on a map of Rome  Map
Visits 3963
Ciampino Airport (G.B. Pastine International Airport) is the second airport of Rome. It was Rome's main airport until the beginning of 1961 when Fiumicino Airport was opened. The airport is smaller than Fiumicino Airport and is mainly used by low-cost...
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