Piazza del Campidoglio

Piazza del Campidoglio

Piazza del Campidoglio is a piazza situated on the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. The Farnese pope, Pope Paul III, commissioned Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarotti to design the piazza and surrounding palazzi. Michelangelo worked on the project from 1536 until 1546.

The piazza is trapezoidal in shape, with a bronze replica of the Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in the middle. A long and wide staircase, the Cordonata, leads to the piazza.

There are granite statues of Egyptian lions at the base and two statues of Castor and Pollux at the top.

Three of the palazzi that Michelangelo designed are now collectively known as the Capitoline Museums. They are the Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo.

The Palazzo Senatorio sits on top of the Tabularium and has double-ramped stairs, a fountain with the river gods of the Tiber and the Nile, and a bell tower.

The Palazzo dei Conservatori houses the original Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius.

The Palazzo Nuovo stands on the left of the square, coming from the Cordonata. It has an identical facade as the Palazzo dei Conservatori.

Address Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome, Italy
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